The Harlem Shake is infecting the whole internet... Turn back before it's too late, not really though, watch this shit! It has now infected Garry's Mod!

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Trouble In Terrorist Town Mayhem! w/ Bigcheezit210 & Topher7891 EP.2: NO DNA FOR YOU!

I assassinated Topher being a sneaky no good traitor, and then the POPO gets called! I then killed the Detective before he was able to get the DNA, which was a bad idea since I still got caught red-handed.

The game continued on, and turned into a 1v1 duel between me and the Admin. We were both low on health, and I wanted to do the old western type duel, but he didn't trust me... :,(

I ended up dying because he got a lucky headshot with the M16...
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Show me your lovin'!